Mask Phone Number: How to Mask Your Phone Number for Privacy

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When people hear the phrase “mask phone number,” it can sound pretty terrifying. After all, you might wonder why someone would call from a masked number. Is it a scammer? Is someone looking to prank you? While the phrase sparks fear, we’re here to explain why it shouldn’t. Masked numbers are used all the time.

You may not realize you’ve probably used a mask phone number, which is no big deal. That might be hard to believe, but you may not know a mask phone number. We’ll explain what these phone numbers are and even how to mask a phone number yourself. Just keep reading for the details.

What Is a Mask Phone Number?

Using a masked phone number is accessible in most cases and provides a method to protect the data of the people communicating with each other. A mask phone number is used instead of the actual number associated with a specific phone.

There is a bevy of reasons a business might prefer to use a mask phone number when calling, which we’ll delve into later in this article. You can use a mask phone number on Android devices just as you can utilize a mask phone number with iPhone.

The primary reason to mask a phone number is to receive or send a text or call from a number that isn’t the actual number associated with the communication.

Reasons to Use an App to Mask a Phone Number

At first, it might seem disingenuous to mask a phone number. It could be used to hide who you are when you make and receive calls.

However, that is different when people mask a phone number for a legitimate reason. Hiding the identity of the person receiving or sending calls and texts isn’t the point. It’s done to provide this person with additional privacy.

However, it’s also accurate that some people use number masking for less than savory reasons. At the same time, many of the most trustworthy businesses and companies use number masking daily, yet you still know exactly who is contacting you.

Masked Numbers vs. Virtual Numbers

We’ll talk about the many uses for a masked phone number soon. However, we also want to discuss a similar option: a virtual phone number. These two have many things in common, but how they are used is very distinct from one to the other.

First, let’s look at what a virtual phone number is. When a business has a virtual phone number, it is an actual number that is not its existing phone number. However, again, this isn’t used to hide a company’s identity. Most of the time, these numbers are used to create a local number.

Virtual phone numbers are associated with the company but might send you to a center that isn’t in your location. There are various reasons for this, from branding to SEO and marketing. It’s typically done to let customers communicate with a company through a phone number that is local to their area.

Who Uses a Mask Phone Number, and How Do the Numbers Work?

When a business uses a masked phone number, two parties can communicate without using their phone number. Again, this could sound like a method to hide identity, but the two people having a conversation know whom they are talking to. The only difference is that they don’t have the actual phone number.

When it comes to a virtual phone number vs. a mask phone number, virtual numbers are permanent and associated with a person or company. On the other hand, Masked numbers are temporary and only used at the exact time of use. This might sound confusing, so we’ll share an example of how to mask a phone number.

The Basics of Using a Mask Phone Number

We will look at examples of masked numbers you should know soon. However, first, we want to ensure you understand how these work. We’ll keep the technical details to a minimum to ensure everyone can understand how masked numbers work.

There might be two people that need to talk to each other. They don’t have each other’s phone numbers. They also don’t particularly want those numbers. The sender might call a number (111-111-1111). Masking software routes the call, and it’s sent to the receiver at 999-999-9999.

However, that isn’t the end of the process. The person getting the call doesn’t see the sender’s number (222-222-2222). Instead, they see a second masked number (888-888-8888).

What occurs if the call gets disconnected? The masked number can be called to reach the original person individual was speaking with.

This differs from a virtual number because the mask phone number is only used briefly while the two people on the call connect. The company can use Masked numbers many times as often as needed.

At this point, you should have a good idea of how to mask a phone number. So let’s dig a bit deeper into some examples that might be familiar to you.

Ridesharing Apps

Most people have used a service for ridesharing. They offer a simple way to get a ride when you can’t or don’t want to drive. The apps associated with ridesharing are great at making sure drivers find you. However, there are times when you might need to speak to each other to connect.

When you call a driver, it’s going to a masked number. Number masking in ridesharing keeps the driver and rider’s numbers private. After the ride is complete, the numbers will no longer be active. The service creates the connection, as the masked number is.

Pet Sitting Apps

Pet sitting services are similar to ridesharing and are becoming more popular daily. Like ridesharing, there may be times you want to ask questions or give updates. A mask phone number ensures the sitter and family retain their private numbers, so contact is limited to only during the service time. The service provider creates a secure and safe experience for everyone involved.

Dating Apps

Personal phone numbers and dating apps can be a terrible mix. As more and more dating apps become available, it’s crucial to have another way to connect with other singles. Number masking gives two people interested in each other a way to speak without providing a private number. This ensures that both people are safe, and if something goes wrong, no further communication is possible.

Input a Mask Phone Number and Let Esendex Handle the Rest

You likely see the many benefits of a mask phone number. It’s great for businesses that want to retain their privacy and that of their customers. Masked numbers can be a part of your marketing efforts to keep everyone involved safe and protected during communications by call or text.

At Esendex, we can help you work with masked phone numbers. However, that’s far from the only thing we offer. Our services include address and phone verification APIs, SMS and voice broadcasting, and SMS APIs that are simple to integrate and scale to your business needs. When you’re ready to learn more about how we can help with your business marketing, contact us for additional information.

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