Mobile messaging for healthcare organizations

Turn communication into action with impactful, engaging patient messaging.

Quickly build and launch powerful mobile messages that maximize appointment attendance, reduce customer support workload, and increase patient satisfaction.

Trusted by leading healthcare brands to solve their mobile messaging challenges

For healthcare businesses, improving patient satisfaction and scaling business operations is critical.

Esendex helps you create unique, innovative communications to improve satisfaction while reducing pressure on customer support, so your team can focus on other key outcomes.

Increase appointment attendance with SMS reminders

Substantially reduce no-shows by leveraging automated messages to notify customers of upcoming appointments.

Gather vital customer feedback to improve service delivery

Collect patient feedback quickly and easily to inform customer service areas for improvement and boost service reviews on search platforms.

Improve medication adherence with scheduled alerts

Increase satisfaction and drive repeat business revenue by prompting patients to renew prescriptions, book in-person appointments, or even take their medicine.

Solve communication challenges with a team of industry experts

We’re experts in mobile messaging so you don’t have to be. We understand the healthcare industry and are equipped with mobile messaging strategies that you can quickly utilize to engage and delight your patients.

Improve patient experience and reduce missed appointments with messaging automation

Quickly create and launch SMS automations designed to boost patient experience, reduce business costs, and increase your return on investment. Tackle no-shows before they occur, collect positive customer reviews, and drive repeat revenue by prompting customers to book follow-up appointments.

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Engage customers on their preferred channels and turn communication to action

From SMS to Voice Broadcast, Esendex meets your customers where they are – all from one easy-to-use platform. Increase engagement and improve patient satisfaction by delivering quick, effective answers to inquiries.

Scale your SMS capabilities with a provider that gets results

Our service doesn’t stop at point-of-sale. Our team of experts are available to help you expand your mobile messaging strategy into new areas, tackle new challenges, and scale your results. To help you get the most out of Esendex, we provide enterprise-level support at every stage of your journey.

Customer success stories

Using SMS-generated reviews and feedback to improve customer experience

Discover how Healthharmonie used Esendex to drive 3x more patient data, enabling them to optimise their customer experience.

See Esendex in action

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