USPS Address Verification API

Quickly get detailed, accurate, and real-time USPS address verification data to ensure successful deliveries to recipients while saving your business time and money.

Trusted USPS Address Verification API

Esendex’s USPS address verification tool is trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world.

USPS Address Verification API Features

When you combine our USPS address verification service with these excellent features, anything is possible! Our address verification API delivers the tools you need to efficiently deliver mail directly to recipients without issues and seamlessly build powerful address verification applications.

Address Standardization

Automatically update addresses to adhere to the United States Postal Service’s (USPS) standards. This ensures successful deliveries.

Address Correction

Automatically correct shipping addresses before packages are sent to recipients to save money & stop undeliverable mail.

Address Validation

Compare each customer address with the USPS database & find a match. If a match is found, then that address is deliverable.

Residential Delivery Indicator

USPS RDI, or Residential Delivery Indicator, identifies whether a U.S. address is classified as residential or business.

Proper Case Formatting

Get data in Proper Case format rather than the default uppercase format for automatic scanning of bar codes.

Carrier Route

Carrier route codes can be presorted to the carrier route level to take advantage of presorting postage discounts.


Ensure correct primary & secondary data to give mailers the ability to sort their mailings in approximate carrier-casing sequence.

Geolocation Data

U.S. addresses can yield latitude & longitude, area code, time zone, & daylight savings information as an optional return.

Legislative Data

Return legislative information, including the congressional district number along with the senate & house district of the address.

Why Choose Esendex’s USPS Address Verification API?

Esendex’s postal address verification API is fast and reliable. We have fully redundant server farms that deliver results in a fraction of a second. A trustworthy address validation service is crucial if you collect Canadian and US postal address data through a sales or enrollment portal.

Postal address verification APIs can program the service to clean customer lists through periodic scrubbing or maintaining integrity at entry. Choose us because we have been experts in bulk address verification since 1999. We are a company you can trust. But here are a few more reasons just because.

1. World Class Support

Most address verification service providers don’t have active online support channels customers can speak to when they need it the most, and we understand.

That’s why we have 24/7, around the clock emergency support for our address verification tool. You can expect fast response times, fast troubleshooting, and email, chat, and phone support.

2. US Postal Address Verification

Our USPS address verification API enables you to leverage your business communication in the United States and Canada without any interruptions. Don’t worry about the distance! Get connectivity in both countries.

3. Government Level Security

Our API for address verification USPS is 256 Bit Encrypted (typically only reserved for governments and militaries), SOC2 Type 2 Certified, HITRUST Certified.

Hardware-based verification servers are strategically located throughout the US-owned and operated by Esendex.

How USPS Address Verification Works

Our USPS address verification API is perfect for companies looking to correct, standardize, and verify mailing addresses while decreasing the amount of undeliverable mail they send out. It doesn’t matter whether the recipient’s location is residential or business, you’ve got complete control with Esendex’s address verification API service.

ROI, Cost, & Data Management

Reach customers the first time and improve the results of mail campaigns. Reduce costs incurred by undeliverable mail and postal returns, and qualify for bulk discounts. Standardize your address data and weed out non-deliverable addresses.

Programmable USPS Address Verification

Our USPS address validator integrates with your website, database, or system using SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) or REST (Representational State Transfer) protocols.

Unlimited Address Verification Plan

We offer an affordable, unlimited USPS address verification plan that won’t limit you by usage and transactions while at the same time saving your business money.

Address Verification Dataset Return Values: Example

Appended Information

  • DPV Confirmation: Deliverable
  • RDI: Not a residence
  • IntelligentMailBarCode: ZTVQi
  • CongressDistrictNumber: 04
  • StateLegislativeUpper: 014
  • StateLegislativeLower: 090
  • Longitude: 36.796768
  • Latitude: 76.228590
  • TimeZone: EST
  • AreaCode: 757
  • County: Chesapeake

Default Return Data

  • DPV Return Code System: Comprehensible return code system that confirms the existence of a specific address.
  • LACSLink Processing: Update old rural route addresses with USPS LACSLink processing.
  • POSTNET Delivery Point Barcode: Qualify for additional USPS discounts with barcoding.
  • Intelligent Mail Barcode (IM Barcode): Qualify for additional USPS discounts with barcoding.
  • USPS SuiteLINK: Utilize USPS SuiteLINK for correcting business records with accurate suite information.

Optional Return Data

  • Residential Delivery Indicator (RDI): Avoid residential delivery surcharges with Residential Delivery Indicator (RDI)
  • Proper case formatting: Get data in Proper Case format rather than the default uppercase format
  • Census data: Includes CMSA, FIPS, Census block and Census track number
  • Geolocation data: Includes latitude/longitude, area code, time zone, and daylight savings
  • Legislative data: Includes Congressional district number and State Legislative Upper/Lower
  • Carrier Route (CR): Carrier route codes can be presorted to the carrier route level to take advantage of postage discounts.
  • eLOT®: Qualify for enhanced carrier route presort discounts with eLOT®

USPS Address Verification Pricing

Pick the plan that works best for you.

No hidden fees and no long-term commitment required. Best in industry pricing with either our unlimited or per transaction pricing.

With Esendex you get the most accurate and advanced Postal Address Verification API at the absolute best pricing anywhere.

Inquire about volume-based discounts.

All Plans Include
  • Residential Delivery Indicator
  • Code Documentation
  • HTTPS Protocol
  • Geolocation
  • Instant Address Verification
  • CASS Certification

Simple USPS Address Verification Documentation

We know that implementing a USPS address verification API into your business takes time. That’s why we made our documentation easy to understand and implement into all of your projects!

You’ll have no problem connecting with the address verification tool using any programming language capable of REST or SOAP calls, as it was created by developers who wanted nothing more than making sure you could get up and running quickly without having trouble understanding what is happening or how things work underneath the hood.

Build Your Apps Faster

  • Uncomplicated API References
  • Code in Multiple Programming Languages
  • Technical Customer Support
  • Helpful FAQ Section for Dev

The Esendex Difference

Since the early 2000s, Esendex has been one of the industry’s most trusted SMS API providers. The truth is we do things differently.

Our vision is to shape your connections to the world through reliable, usable, and adaptable Communication and Data APIs.

24/7 Support – Lowest Pricing – Multiple Service Channels

What Our Customers Have to Say

Michael K.

President, Program Development, 1-10 employees
Used the API for: 30+ years

“We have used PAV API for over 30 years. Since switching to Esendex we have noticed increased accuracy at a fraction of the cost of other available services. I haven’t found anything we don’t like about PAV API.”

We’ve been rated 5 out 5 stars on Capterra and GetApp.

Benefits of Address Verification APIs

Address verification APIs are useful for every company, from local corner stores to global corporations. No matter how large or small, all companies benefit from being able to reach the correct customers to saving time and money and more.

  • Accuracy – Increase accuracy in campaigns and customer contact.
  • Speed – Return bulk address standardization results in seconds.
  • Data Management – Ensure customer information is up-to-date.
  • Coverage – Connect across all U.S. territories and Canada.
  • ROI – Improve campaign results, customer satisfaction, and ROI.
  • Savings – Reduce costs from undeliverable mail and returns.

Take the uncertainty out of mailing campaigns with Esendex’s postal address verification API. We’ve been providing businesses with top-rated APIs and software solutions since 1999.

Volume-Based Pricing

With per-transaction pricing and customized plans, our address API fits every budget.

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to provide the best customer service, which is why we offer an SLA.

Great Coverage

Our address API standardizes addresses across the U.S., U.S. territories, & even Canada.

Emergency Support

After-hours emergency? No problem! We offer 24/7 emergency support.

USPS address verification can be used in so many ways to verify your customers address effectively. Here are a few ideas you could implement into your business to decrease undeliverable mail, save money, and cleanse your database.

eCommerce Platforms

Establish your online store ensuring products get delivered to customers.

3rd Party Logistics Companies

Ensure shipments from warehouses arrive on time to their correct destinations.

Background Checks

Verify personal information to run credit and save money by verifying backgrounds.

Parsing Address Data

Cleanse and verify raw incoming address data from anywhere by parsing it.

Get all of your United States and Canadian USPS address verification API questions answered here.

1. How do I use Postal Address Verification?

Postal Address Verification (PAV) is an API (Application Programming Interface). It allows a business’s IT department to configure the Web Service on a web page, application or database with a few lines of code. There is no software to buy or install.

2. How fast is Postal Address Verification?

Our API delivers address results in a fraction of a second.

3. How often do you update your database?

We receive updates from USPS once per month.

4. How do I integrate PAV into my application/system?

The API can be consumed with any programming language that supports REST or SOAP. See our Quick Start to see examples and a how-to guide on implementation.

5. Is this software that I can install locally?

Not at this time. Esendex offers this API as a web service call requiring some coding to consume the API. However, you can save returned results to a database for your records.

6. How do I get customer and technical support?

Emergency support is available 24/7. Please see our Contact page for more information.

7. What is USPS address verification?

USPS (United States Postal Service) provides an online tool that allows businesses and individuals to verify the accuracy of an address before mailing a package or letter. This is a free service offered by the USPS. The verification process checks the address against the USPS address database to ensure all information is correct. It also confirms the existence of the street, city, state, and zip code. Esendex connects to this USPS API providing you with quality data.

8. What is an address verification service?

Address verification is essential for ensuring that mailings reach their destination accurately and on time. An address verification service is a service offered by Esendex that allows businesses and individuals to verify the accuracy of a mailing address. The service is available online and can be used to verify addresses for both business and residential addresses. Esendex offers multiple address verification services, including address standardization, address correction, delivery point validation, etc.

9. What counts as address verification?

Address verification is a process by which a business confirms the accuracy of an address provided by a customer. This can be done through various means, such as using an address verification API or checking against a public database of addresses. Address verification is an essential step in protecting businesses from fraudulent orders and minimizing the risk of chargebacks. By verifying addresses, businesses can ensure that they are shipping products to the correct location and avoid problems like undelivered packages.

10. What can I use for address verification?

There are a few different options businesses can use for address verification. One option is to use an address verification API. This service allows businesses to verify addresses by inputting them into the system. The address is then checked against a database of verified addresses to confirm its accuracy. Another option is to use a third-party service provider.

These providers have databases of verified addresses that businesses can access to verify addresses. Finally, businesses can also use their address verification system. This involves creating and maintaining your database of verified addresses. This option can be more time-consuming and expensive, but it does offer more control over the process.

11. How to get address verification?

You can get a USPS address verification API for your business by contacting a Esendex sales representative and signing up for our services. It’s that easy. We can get you up and running within a day!

12. What is the USPS API?

Esendex’s USPS API is a set of web-based tools that allow you to perform address verification and other tasks. It can verify addresses, find the closest residential, business address and more. The API is easy to use, and it’s easy to get started. Create your account by contacting sales and start using the API right away.

13. What does the USPS API do?

The Esendex USPS address verification API can do the following: Residential Delivery Indicator, Proper Case Formatting, Carrier Route, eLOT, Geolocation Data, Legislative Data, Address Verification, Standardization, Correcting, Cleansing, and Validation.

14. Still have questions?

Read our full list of general and technical FAQs.

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