Top 10 Text Message Templates For Businesses To Boost Sales

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Despite the prevalence of digital marketing solutions, businesses continue to embrace SMS as a potent tool to build loyalty, reach customers, promote offers, increase visibility, boost sales, etc. Text messages have 29% click-through rates and a 98% open rate.

As you utilize SMS marketing more frequently, our SMS templates can help. Here are some top text message examples that can help you boost brand awareness, increase customer value, generate leads, and ultimately sell more.

Appointment Reminders

The text message template for appointment reminders highlights the crucial information for subscribers. Typically, that’s the time and date of the appointment, who they’re meeting, and essentials to bring on the day of the appointment. Keep in mind the SMS character limit.

Don’t inundate your receivers with reminders, so send them carefully.

Appointment Reminder SMS Template


Hi, [customer name], Your appointment on [Time] at [Date] is due next week. Check the appointment details here: [Insert Link].

Order Confirmations

The confirmation text message template offers the tracking link, order number, and anticipated delivery window.

Information like hotel bookings, flight times, payment requests, etc., should be reassured/confirmed via a quick response text message. These text messages can also offer information like booking ID or item, company name, a link to your website, and a thank you note.

When implementing a delivery notification SMS template for your company needs, specify your business name in every message to help the recipient ensure that the news isn’t spamming.

Order Confirmation SMS Template


Hi, [customer name], Thank you for ordering from [Brand name]! Your order number [Insert order number] has been confirmed. You will get the tracking information once your order is dispatched.

Abandoned Cart Reminder

The message templates for abandoned cart reminders can be mini-campaigns in themselves. But there is a character limit to work with, so make sure you make the copy enticing but concise.

Leveraging the customer’s name in the text message can be a great way to captivate their attention and customize the SMS. But before you send out some fun reminders, it is imperative to include some of the critical information to hit the bullseye. Also, the message has to have a link to complete the online purchase.

Abandoned Cart Reminder SMS Template


Hi, [customer name], You are just a step away from ordering your favorite items. Place the order today and get an [discount%] off by adding the [discount code]. Shop now: [Link to cart]

Promotions and Marketing

SMS notifications are an effective channel for promoting discounts and special offers.

These text message templates demonstrate how the receiver has the chance to withdraw from upcoming promotional communications, helping you keep your list involved and engaged. Remember that while your receivers opted into getting messages, they shouldn’t want to be bombarded with texts.

Don’t go overboard and send out text messages on a schedule – no more than once a week.

Promotions and Marketing SMS Template


Hi, [customer], Flash sale alert! Get flat [discount %] on over 30 brands. Don’t miss the fantastic discount offers. Order now: [Link]

Alerts and Notifications

These promote exclusivity and are aimed explicitly at repeat customers. Brands that send straightforward and concise text alerts are considered trustworthy and professional. If you want to customize the SMS templates, include appropriate information like…

  • Estimated arrival time (if applicable)
  • Delivery address
  • Contact details (if required)
  • Company name

SMS alerts and notifications regarding your customers’ deliveries and purchases must be brief, as these communications aim to grab the customer’s attention instantly. Also, provide them with related information to ensure the message is understandable and easier to grasp.

Alerts and Notifications SMS Template


Hi, [customer], We regret to inform you that your session with Dr. Michael has been canceled due to an emergency. Please click on [Insert Link] to reschedule.

MMS Marketing

MMMS marketing can expedite problem resolution and promptly get to the bottom of a customer-related issue. A recent study reported that text messages are the preferred channel for customers to interact with a company (33%). Using them can help optimize customer service.

MMS Marketing Template


Hi, [customer], [Brand’s Name] just introduced a new collection. Hurry up to get yours. Don’t miss this chance. Shop today: [Insert Link]

This is an excellent example of leveraging an MMS message by including an image of your brand’s new items to entice the shoppers.

Payment Reminder

Payment reminder text messages convince the customers to take appropriate action. Even if you are dealing with overdue payments, follow business texting. Make sure you keep your messages simple and sweet with powerful CTAs (call to action) such as discount, contact us, call back, and more to create a sense of urgency.

Payment Reminder Text Messaging Template


Hi, [customer], Your renewal payment is overdue. Contact us at [contact number] for more details about your policy.

Internal and Staff Communication

There are numerous reasons to communicate with internal staff and team members through text messages. For instance, to simplify work-related processes, notify staff members in case of emergencies, share happy birthday wishes/ seasonal greetings, etc.

Keep your messages brief and only include essential information. There are various SMS templates for internal and staff communication that you can use for staff requests, conference notifications, and meetings.

Internal and Staff Communication SMS Template


Dear [name of the concerned employee], the upcoming board meeting has been postponed to [date], [day], at [time].

Delivery Notification

These text messages help you provide similar information as order confirmation SMS and reminders of the Date and Time of delivery. Messages related to delivery notifications are effective when sent the day before estimated delivery and then on the delivery day.

When you use the notification message to assure the shoppers that the shipment is out for delivery, be fun and compelling, adding some of your brand finesse and flavor to your communications.

Delivery Notification Text Messaging Template


Hi, [customer], Your [order number] has been dispatched. Estimated arrival time: [time] on [date]. If you aren’t at home, please call [contact number] or respond to this message to have our agent get in touch.

Customer Review

88% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. However, many businesses don’t ask for customer reviews and feedback. These surveys help you tweak your strategies to serve your customers better and formulate effective marketing campaigns.

Customer Review SMS Template


On scale of 1 to 10 (great to bad), how would you rate your shopping experience with our brand? Your review/feedback is highly valued. Thank you! [Brand’s Name]

Wrapping Up

Remember, even though you have limited characters to play with, don’t skip out on providing precise data to the recipients.

Robust marketing campaigns can help you captivate attention, enticing recipients to engage with your text messages. But try not to use spam tactics and language that may turn them off of your marketing communications for good.

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