WhatsApp Marketing Services: Get Targeted Audience for Your Business

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Everywhere consumers look today, they’re being served marketing messages. Are you doing everything you can to stand above all the mindless noise? To make a real impact, your brand should personalize its marketing content.

It’s also important to provide marketing messages on customers’ channels at high rates, such as the WhatsApp Business Platform.

This article will delve into all the details you need about WhatsApp marketing. We’ll discuss why you should use WhatsApp for business marketing and how to create inspiring and engaging bulk WhatsApp marketing that customers want to see.

Why Choose WhatsApp for Marketing Services

As we mentioned, you need to be in the same places where your customers are. One of those places is WhatsApp. WhatsApp is currently the most popular messaging app in the entire world. Every month, over two billion people use it to communicate.

Using WhatsApp as marketing software can also give you access to various markets. In many areas across the globe, WhatsApp is the most common messaging app. This includes India, Latin America, and even parts of Europe. If you have customers there or plan to expand into these locations, you need the benefits of WhatsApp group marketing.

Since many customers use WhatsApp regularly for personal conversations, they also engage with it frequently, and messages are opened at high rates.

However, WhatsApp marketing has only sometimes been available. Businesses might have used it for customer service and notifications, but promotional and marketing use cases are now rising. WhatsApp started to allow this as recently as 2021.

The huge level of engagement, global popularity, and new opportunities for WhatsApp marketing has given innovative companies a different way to engage with consumers. Consumers already use it, so relevant and targeted messages are a great path to success.

You can start customer conversations, build relationships, and deliver measurable ROI (ROI). For example, you might send WhatsApp marketing messages to engage customers by giving them customized product recommendations or back-in-stock alerts.

At that point, customers can get back to you with follow-up questions, and you can assist them with making a transaction using WhatsApp. This helps drive greater revenue and conversion through WhatsApp marketing tools.

Different Types of WhatsApp Marketing Examples

WhatsApp marketing can be used throughout the customer journey to re-engage and reach customers with relevant and personalized marketing messages. WhatsApp lets you send all different kinds of promotional and marketing messages.

Choose from seasonal campaigns, personalized discounts, abandoned cart reminders, new product updates, and more.

Acquisition and Initial Outreach

One of the most important parts of WhatsApp marketing is bringing new customers into your purchase funnel. This often involves sending out holiday or seasonal campaigns or sharing new product updates.


You’ll also have customers whom you might have engaged in the past with marketing messages. Someone may have gone to your website and added items to a cart. You can send back-in-stock alerts, abandoned cart reminders, or other re-engagement messages to bring them back into your purchase process.

Creating Repeat Purchases

For customers who have purchased in the past, other messages can be a good choice for your WhatsApp marketing. Consider sending them personalized discounts, offers for further purchases, and suggested additional products. When you re-engage with people after a purchase has been made, this creates loyalty and repeat purchases.

With each type of marketing message, you can drive ROI and customer engagement as long as your messages are personalized. Use data to find the best personalized and relevant marketing messages, whether custom discounts, suggested products, or reminders about abandoned carts.

Best Practices for WhatsApp Marketing

If your brand plans to use WhatsApp for marketing, there are many things to consider as you create and launch a marketing campaign. This starts with initial planning and moves to development, testing, and iterating the campaign when it launches.

First Steps for Using WhatsApp as Marketing

You may still need to get a WhatsApp profile to communicate with customers. As such, you’ll need to onboard your brand before you move to creating and sending your messages.

One other thing needs to be done to ensure your messages are legal. Users must opt-in to receive your marketing messages before you can send them through WhatsApp. Using best practices for opt-in will give the greatest user experience while ensuring the brand can deliver messages as desired.

The Development of Creative Assets

There are many entry points to using WhatsApp for your multi-channel marketing campaign. Ads can be clicked from Instagram and Facebook and lead to WhatsApp, which lets customers immediately take action while you increase your digital ad ROI. With these marketing ads, people can start conversing with your company and ask questions about your business or products.

This is only one way to use WhatsApp for marketing. Others include deep links on emails, social media profiles, websites, and QR codes on physical product packaging or billboards. Creating several entry points to WhatsApp from your marketing materials lets customers get in touch with your brand and gives you insight into which marketing assets and tactics boost engagement.

While you A/B test the many marketing templates for WhatsApp, you can also create personalized messages for better engagement. This can go beyond just adding the customer’s name to the message. Consider tailored discounts based on what someone has in their cart or product recommendations based on previously purchased items.

Another thing that should be considered with your WhatsApp marketing strategy is how customers prefer to respond to your messages. If you add links or buttons, this provides a recommended second step. However, some will also want to reply with questions about the campaign or your products.

Remember that 77% of customers want access to conversational messaging for assistance when choosing a service or product. Be sure you’re ready to handle and respond to all the inbound messages that can push your customers through the purchase funnel.

Move Forward to Iteration

You’ll want to use your WhatsApp marketing strategies to launch campaigns across all stages of your funnel. It’s also an excellent idea to re-engage the customers who may have interacted with past marketing messages but have yet to move forward to convert. Follow-up messages personalized to each customer will remind consumers about where they stopped in the purchase journey.

It’s also important to track the performance of your WhatsApp marketing strategy. This helps you optimize each of your messages and ensure you get the highest ROI from any campaigns you do in the future. Tracking metrics about opt-outs, deliverability rates, and types of responses can give you information about which messages perform with different audiences. You can use these insights to ensure you send messages with the highest possible engagement.

Esendex Can Help You Hone Your WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

Esendex offers a variety of APIs and software solutions that can be used to help with your overall marketing strategy. Our services are flexible and highly reliable, with options like SMS and voice broadcasting, SMS APIs, address and phone number verification, and more.

Are you ready to scale your marketing efforts and streamline your customer communications? If so, this is the time to contact us at Esendex. We can answer all your questions and give you advice.

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