The Best SMS Marketing Campaigns: Unlimited Text Message Marketing

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Text messages offer a valuable way to communicate with customers. SMS should be addressed when creating a marketing strategy. Our world is full of smartphones, which means potential customers are only a few seconds away at any time.

Unlike other types of marketing channels, SMS is simple and immediate. You can get your message to people who need it in seconds. At the same time, since text messaging is a hot marketing trend, it can be challenging to stand out from the pack.

This is why you need access to the best SMS marketing campaigns. Whether you need B2C or B2B SMS marketing examples, we’re here to help. The most successful SMS marketing campaigns are creative; what you send can make or break your marketing efforts.

We’ll share some of our favorite SMS marketing campaign examples, why they are effective, and how to use them as inspiration. Let’s start by giving you some ideas for elevating your SMS campaigns and boosting your engagement rates.

#1: Engage Customers with Notifications About Sales

Limited-time discounts and sales are an excellent opportunity to send marketing messages to customers. They appeal to returning and new customers alike. Add some creativity by including pop culture references, funny puns, and lighthearted jokes to the coupon codes if appropriate for your brand.

Some brands have this down to a science. You might subscribe to these brands for information on a new product but remain subscribed to see all the funny and timely texts they send.

Rather than using a tedious code like “20OFF,” consider something relevant and exciting to promote your sales. Put on your thinking cap and create a message that people will remember.

#2: Don’t Shy Away from Promos Near Holidays

The best SMS marketing campaigns also send out texts around the holidays. While many brands try to be professional in tone, that can be something other than the content of your message. It all depends on the brand. A more conversational message might appeal to and remind people about your next holiday sale.

The reality is that people get tons of messages about discounts and sales on holidays, so your SMS marketing ideas need to cut through the noise. A casual tone, a sense of urgency, and an excellent call to action make it likely that people will click to find out more about your offerings.

#3: Add Images to Break Up Texts

One of the best things you can do to get eyes on your message is to include images. This can break up your message and make it more pleasing. Images can be marketing graphics, GIFs, or product photos. The important thing is that the chosen image fits the campaign you are running.

Use images with visual elements that add to the content written in the text. However, be wary of creating an overwhelming experience. In addition, remember that when images are sent in messages, they are MMS rather than SMS.

#4: Pay Extra Attention to Returning Customers

You want to bring in new customers with your best SMS marketing campaigns, but keeping returning customers engaged is just as important. Creating nurture campaigns for these people shows that you value them. This can be done with personalized messages that include their past purchases and names.

Adding the customer’s name to the first message in a series makes the customer feel closer to you. Using conversational language also adds friendliness to the message, even when it’s a text for marketing purposes. A second message can be sent to further the relationship. You could offer store credit based on a past order or something similar.

When you personalize messages to your customers, it helps create a successful SMS marketing campaign. Make use of this when possible to keep customers coming back.

#5: Have Fun Using Emojis

Emojis are a great way to draw attention to your text messages to customers. Choose the ones that fit your business and the message you are sending. Fun copy, a GIF, and emojis can make a campaign more engaging to view than an SMS with only text.

You can also use emojis in sets of messages. For instance, the first message might be about a sale or discount. The second one should have the same tone and add emojis to remind a customer that the discount will expire soon.

However, use only a few emojis; your messages could look spam.

#6: Make Your Subscription Confirmations Interesting

SMS marketing best practices indicate that when someone subscribes to a campaign, you should send a subscription confirmation. This informational SMS lets subscribers know all the details about signing up. This is a case where a simple message often works best.

You might include the upcoming message’s contents and how often to expect to receive them. It’s also essential to provide details on how to unsubscribe. You can add emojis or GIFs to add aesthetic appeal.

#7: Shoot Out Exciting Event Reminders

When it comes to reminders, let creativity take over. You must add all the information about the event, but you can have fun doing it. The best SMS campaigns will weave in information with fun copy, emojis, images, and more.

Breaking much text into several messages is also a good idea. This lets customers read at their own pace. It also makes your messages stand apart from regular reminders. There’s no need to avoid creativity when you are providing information. Remember that messages can do more than one thing.

#8: Showcase the Personality of Your Brand

Event and sales reminders are a great time to get more creative with SMS content marketing. Using these to show off your brand’s personality is also essential. For instance, use a conversational and light tone throughout the entire message. Add a conclusion or beginning that reminds people of what the brand is all about.

To create the best SMS marketing campaigns, develop a complete set of messages that go out in order. These can share instructions or information with the people who receive the texts. Ensure the brand’s personality is evident through the text message and keep things light.

#9: Encourage People to Interact with Your Brand

Our last tip is always to give customers a way to communicate with your brand. Sure, you want to provide all the needed information, but you can also add a way for them to get back to you. For instance, you might ask for a rating after someone purchases something and it has been delivered.

You can even make it more likely by giving them a gift for responding. This creates a memorable moment for them and lets them decide whether to interact with your business. Add GIFs or use only text depending on the specific message.

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