The Scoop on How AI Texting Will Affect Text Message Marketing

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Have you ever played around with an AI texting bot online? Everyone is getting excited about artificial intelligence and for good reason. But will it have an impact on your own company? If you engage in text message marketing, the answer will likely be “yes.”

SMS marketing has become a vital tool for connecting with customers. At the same time, creating good campaigns can be expensive and take a lot of time. With AI SMS coming into the world, this could change. Text message marketing could be easier to make use of than ever before.

Today, we’ll explore how an AI texting bot could be useful for SMS marketing. We’ll give you all the details about this technology and why you might want to start using it as soon as possible. You’ll learn how AI SMS could be the key to unlocking the full potential of text message marketing for your business.

What Is AI SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is a multichannel method to contact a specific audience on their phones. The inclusion of AI in SMS marketing has led to the development of tools that help brands manage their sales and customer service more smartly. It’s a method of reaching a target audience to market your brand.

Depending on the AI texting bot you use, it may have numerous services. Below is a general idea of what these might be:

  • Two-way communication: AI platforms for texting let you both send and receive messages. Many companies prefer this as a way to connect with customers and provide them with immediate assistance.
  • Bulk SMS APIs: With a bulk SMS API, a company can simultaneously send a message to thousands of people to save time. Sending bulk SMS through a text bot lets you broadcast important information to customers, which can lead to sales growth and elevated customer traffic.
  • Real-time marketing: People read SMS messages about 98% of the time. Most of that occurs within three minutes of receiving a message. An AI texting bot can be a great way to help customers with support issues, send out reminders, and ask for feedback.
  • Broadcast tracking: When you use an AI texting bot, you get information about delivery rates, failed deliveries, and how many links your recipients click on. Keeping track of broadcast messages gives you the data you need to succeed.
  • Additional characters: A traditional SMS allows you to send up to 160 characters per message. However, many AI texting bots let you send messages of 300 or more characters. This can be less expensive than using MMS messaging.
  • Elevated ROI: When you look at digital marketing, AI SMS marketing has a huge rate of returns compared to others. Marketing automation has allowed businesses to reach many people for lead generation and additional customers.
  • Customer loyalty: SMS is one of the best ways to create customer loyalty. When you incorporate a text bot into your marketing, it covers the full lifecycle. With the right features, it can impact everything from customer retention to lead generation.

The Capabilities of an AI Texting Bot

Several AI models can be used for texting, but transformer-based language modeling is one of the best. It can create text that seems as if a human created it. AI is taught through huge datasets of text from the Internet. This makes its text similar to what people are already used to reading.

One of the biggest benefits is that the AI can understand the context. It knows what a person is asking and the type of reply to send. It understands and responds to questions, generates fluent and coherent sentences, and can continue conversations.

An AI texting bot can be tuned for business text message marketing tasks. All it takes is training on the relevant text. When this is done, the model can create text specific to whatever you want it to do.

Regarding SMS marketing, AI can create engaging, personalized content for your text message campaigns. It can respond to customer questions or automate interactions related to customer services. There are no limits to what this technology can do. It can save money and time for a business while providing great customer service.

A text bot is a powerful tool that may change the face of SMS marketing and similar text tasks. Its ability to generate text similar to a human and understand context has the potential to have a major impact on text message marketing efforts.

Why Use AI for SMS Marketing

There are many reasons to implement AI into your text message marketing. The most substantial benefit is that you can create engaging and personalized content for your campaigns. The AI can learn about customer behavior, interests, and demographics to create messages tailored to specific customer segments.

AI text bots can also help automate customer service for businesses. It may be trained to understand queries and provide appropriate responses. This allows you to offer more personalized and efficient customer service without the need for many human representatives.

Adding AI to your SMS marketing can provide many benefits, including context awareness, efficiency, automation, and personalization. This can help you save money and time while ensuring your customers get great service that fits their needs.

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to use a text bot in your text message marketing? The experts at Esendex are here to help you through the process. We offer SMS software, APIs, an SMS reseller program, and other tools to hone your communication strategy.

For quick and easy texting of large audiences, Esendex offers the technology you need. Reach out to us today to learn more and work with us to create a communication strategy that works for you and considers the future landscape of SMS marketing.

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