The Cost of Mass Texting: A Detailed Breakdown & What to Know

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For the past several years, marketing trends have continually seen SMS being adopted at a broader scale as someone who works in the marketing of a business, having a robust SMS marketing plan in place is one of the best methods you have to ensure your business’ success.

According to Forrester Research, consumers will get more texts in 2023 than in 2021 or 2022. It’s also worth being aware that the marketing spending for SMS is expected to blow up and reach $83 billion by 2024. Since SMS marketing conversion rates are as high as 45%, it’s no surprise that businesses want to stay on the cusp of this marketing trend.

If you’re here, you probably have no doubts about the effectiveness of SMS broadcast marketing solutions. But you might have other questions that need to be answered. For instance, you may wonder just how expensive it is to send mass text messages.

Don’t worry. This article will give you all the answers you need. We’ll explain what ROI you might expect from mass texting and how to evaluate the cost of bulk texting.

What Is a Mass Texting Service for Business?

Before diving into numbers and prices, we should define mass text messaging services. When we talk about these services, they allow you to send SMS, MMS, or both across a broad group of people, ranging from tiny groups to massive ones.

No matter what industry you are in, mass texting can be a great way to improve your marketing techniques. They can be used to send a variety of messages to your potential and existing customers. These include sweepstakes, daily text message updates, staff communication, emergency alerts, and promotions and offers.

Esendex is a company that offers a full suite of mass text messaging services for businesses. We accommodate MMS messages, provide short and long code texting, and are 10DLC capable. Our programmable SMS API lets you reach out to customers around the globe with mass SMS messages.

How to Evaluate Mass Text Messaging for Free

When you look into the cost of mass texting, you’ll find that it can vary. Many companies offer services, and it can be challenging to decide the best way to compare them with each other. That’s why we’ve compiled six questions that you should research when choosing between services.

Take time to look over the website and see if these answers are provided. If needed, reach out to the company to find out more information. Once you do that, you’ll narrow your options more quickly than you might expect.

What Is the Per-Message Cost of Texting?

The first question to consider is the per-message cost of texting with a specific service. In many cases, texting companies calculate the cost of mass texting based on the number of messages you are allowed to send annually or monthly.

When you choose Esendex, there is no limit on the number of SMS messages you can send. On top of that, up to 600 messages can be sent per second. We make it easy for you to reach as many contacts as you need without concerns about extra costs.

You want to be sure that you have the capabilities you need for your text marketing campaigns. This won’t be the case with many other services. Ensure you get insight into the charges and how many texts you can utilize.

Is There an Unlimited Plan?

Next, consider whether an unlimited plan is available with the service provider. In many cases, there’s a catch associated with unlimited text messaging plans. It might mean that you are limited in terms of how many contacts you can have. However, it would help if you also dug deeper into this question.

This is because some SMS providers need to pay the price for each message. If you see an unlimited messaging plan and no limits are in place, look at the fine print and see if there are other limitations you need to know about.

Is There a Platform Fee?

The cost of mass texting can encompass all sorts of fees depending on the company. For instance, a company might offer many texts every month but also levy a fee to use their platform. Talk to someone to be sure about the total amount you’ll pay. If you don’t consider all the fees, you could spend much more than you would like.

What Level of Service Is on Offer?

When you make a purchase, one of the first things you might do is ensure it’s within your budget. However, you also may go further by asking specific questions about the product or service. This is highly recommended when looking into SMS texting services.

For example, you need to send out emergency text alerts. If that’s the case, you want to be sure the company offers excellent customer service. Esendex does, and you can reach someone around the clock.

You also want to consider factors like how easy the system is to use. Some of the least expensive solutions will have less functionality and a bad user experience. You may pay less but make up for it in the time it takes to do things with software that isn’t streamlined for you.

So how do you determine if a specific service needs what you need? Read the information on the website for starters. It would help if you also looked into reviews from other reputable sources. If you notice that most of the ratings are positive, other customers feel the cost of the mass texting service is well worth it.

Can You Upgrade, Downgrade, or Cancel the Plan Easily?

You should be able to cancel, downgrade, or upgrade whenever you like. This allows you to use the service as you like or move on to something that better meets your needs. Another thing to consider is whether the monthly plans for mass texting have hidden fees or contracts you cannot get out of.

Esendex works to offer ultimate flexibility for your customers and has no hidden fees that you are unaware of. Our pricing plans are inclusive, and a customer service representative can walk you through any questions.

Is There a Discount for Annual Plans?

Discounts are always something nice to have. After all, everyone loves to save money. Some services will include a discount when you choose a more extended plan. Look into these options, as it might reduce the cost of mass texting over a more extended period.

The ROI of the Best Mass Texting Service

Once you’ve chosen a plan, you might wonder what return to expect. The measurement of ROI will depend on what you are looking to achieve. However, here are a few examples:

  • Year Round Brown boosted revenue by 20%
  • CDW saved 4,200 hours for their recruitment team
  • Toroe Eyewear managed to generate a 156x ROI

SMS messages are opened at 98%, while the clickthrough rate is 36%, and conversion rates are 29%. In terms of saving time, most responses to texts occur in 90 seconds, with a 7.5x higher response rate than email.

Use Esendex for the Cheapest Mass Texting Service for Your Business

Many believe mass texting is extremely expensive, but this is different. Esendex offers SMS APIs that make mass texting a breeze and with very competitive prices. You can learn more about our services on our website or speak to the sales team about your specific needs.

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