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Introduction to Group Texting

If your business needs to text multiple people simultaneously, then group messaging is one of the most effective tools that you can use for your marketing and communication strategies. Group messaging software allows businesses to reach out to hundreds (and even thousands) of users in seconds, instantly boosting connections and engagement.

How to Send Group Text Messages

The easiest way to send group messages is to sign up with a group text messaging service. Such services offer software that allows businesses to create, schedule, and effortlessly send group messages. Ideally, such software should involve no programming so that anyone in your business can create group messages – no coding or programming experience is required.

Here’s how this process might look if your business is interested in how to make a group on messages:

  1. You wonder, “How do I make a group text?” and begin the research process. Your business needs reliable, secure group text software that is user-friendly and scalable.
  2. After finding the right provider, you create an account and become familiar with the software. There should be ample documentation and tutorials available.
  3. You upload all of your contact lists. Ideally, you segment your contacts into groups you commonly target during campaigns or frequently communicate with.
  4. Now, you craft a one-time text message or create templates for future group texts. Creating templates saves time by allowing you to quickly plugin information.
  5. Finally, you decide when to send the group message. There should be two options: sending it immediately or scheduling it to send at a future date and time.

Group texting tools should make this process as intuitive as possible. For example, there should be specific tools for the templates and scheduling steps mentioned above to make your business progressively more efficient at sending group text messages.

There should also be plenty of features to customize your group messaging experience. Every messaging software should include popular features: autoresponders, MMS messagingopt-out handling, and reporting.

Difference Between Group Texting Software & Apps

Many differences between group messaging software and group messaging applications (“apps”) make the software the ideal choice for businesses. These include faster text speeds, the lack of text limitations, and the ability to send to all phone types.

The best group text software providers utilize a Tier 1 SMS network, which provides a more secure connection. They should be willing to back this connection with an uptime guarantee in the service level agreement (SLA), preferably no less than 99.9%.

Group text software should also be free of text limitations, meaning that your business can send and receive an unlimited number of text messages each day. Building on this, there should also be no time-based limitations or lagging so your users can reach out anytime.

Another difference (and benefit) of group texting software versus an app is that you can connect to all phone users, regardless of whether they have a cell phone or smartphone. If they have a smartphone, it also won’t matter if they have an android or apple device.

What Can Our Group Texting Service do for Your Business?

Anything is possible when you combine our group text messaging service with these excellent features! Our group texting service delivers the tools you need to boost company sales, revenue, and engagement and stay connected with your customers.

Short Code Texting Service

Send mass text messages to customers fast from a memorable 5-6 digit phone number.


Send cool pictures, emojis, GIFs, links to your website, and even audio messages.

Long Code Texting Service

Send text messages from a local phone number that your recipients will know and trust.

10DLC Capable

Get a new SMS long code solution for all of your U.S. A2P text messaging use cases.

SMS 2 Way

Engage customers by sending & receiving bulk SMS & create powerful conversations.

SMS Appointment Reminders

Reduce missed appointments by sending automated SMS reminders to your customers.

Schedule SMS

Schedule texting campaigns to be sent out at optimal times for higher conversions.

Two-Factor Authentication

Send text messages to users of your application, website, or software to ensure secure logins.


Automate your entire SMS campaign and the response customers receive after replying.

Opt Out Handling

Recipients can easily remove themselves from your SMS campaign with a click of a button.

Number Pooling

Use multiple phone numbers to deliver even more text messages to your entire contact list.

Detailed Reports

Get detailed reports on how many text messages are sent, plus more valuable data.

Short Codes for Group Text Messages

SMS short codes are five- or six-digit numbers that businesses can use to send group text messages. Short codes are registered with the U.S. Common Short Code Association (CSCA) to prevent duplication, confusion, and fraud.

Besides being more accessible to remember than traditional phone numbers (also known as SMS long codes), short codes can reinforce brand recognition. (We explain the differences between SMS short and long codes in this article.) users can text shortcodes to respond to group messages, as long as either two-way SMS responses are enabled or the user responds with a preset keyword (i.e., a specific word that triggers a corresponding action, such as sending more information).

This depends, in part, on what type of shortcode a business has: a vanity code or a random code. Vanity codes are custom-created to complement a business, while random codes are arbitrary sequences of five or six numbers. For example, a security company may choose the vanity code 247-365 to reinforce their 24/7, year-round services.

For a more detailed explanation of vanity and random codes, as well as shared versus dedicated short codes, reference this article.

Start Group Texting In Minutes

Contact customers individually with our group text service. If you have many people (for example, your entire contact list), our programmable SMS API can do that too!

Why Use Our Group Text Messaging Services?

We strive to be the best mass texting service in the industry. Our trusted group texting service provides quality performance to drive your communication strategy. From integration to your first SMS campaign, we make the entire process uncomplicated.

1. World Class Support

Most business group text messaging services don’t have active online support channels customers can speak to when they need it the most, and we understand. That’s why we have 24/7, around the clock emergency support for our group texting service.

  • Fast Response Times
  • Fast Troubleshooting
  • Chat, Email, & Phone Support

2. Global Group Messaging

Our group messaging service enables you to leverage your business communication globally without any interruptions. Don’t worry about the distance! Get connectivity in more than 190 countries.

  • Tier 1 SMS Network
  • 99.9% Guaranteed Uptime

3. Government Level Security

Our group text messaging service is 256 Bit Encrypted (typically only reserved for governments and militaries), SOC2 Type 2 Certified, HITRUST Certified. Hardware-based SMS servers are strategically located throughout the US-owned and operated by Esendex.

  • 256 Bit Encrypted
  • HITRUST Certified
  • SOC2 Certified

The Esendex Difference

Since the early 2000s, Esendex has been one of the industry’s most trusted group text messaging providers.

Our vision is to shape your connections to the world through reliable, usable, and adaptable Communication and Data APIs.

24/7 Support – Lowest Pricing Multiple – Service Channels

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We’ve been rated 5 out 5 stars on Capterra, GetApp, Google and Facebook – based on 40+ reviews.
We’re a Twilio competitor you can trust to provide you with the best services.

There are many benefits to using SMS group texting software, which is covered above: reliable connection, limitless texting, and fast speeds. But there are benefits beyond these, such as a straightforward interface, streamlined texting services, analytics reporting, and cost savings. Each of these is covered in more detail below:

Easy Interface

Group texting software takes the tediousness out of texting. Instead of inputting phone numbers one by one, you can select the contact list you want to use, and the numbers are all automatically loaded for you. There’s no possibility of accidentally inputting the wrong number.

Streamlined Texting

Instead of crafting a group message in real-time, you can schedule group messages ahead of time. This streamlines your business and frees up resources to focus on other communication and marketing activities. What used to take a significant chunk of time now makes only minutes (or seconds).

Analytics Reporting

By using group text software, your business does more than sending a message. After the message is sent, analytics and reporting tools collect data on recipients, such as the response rate. This allows you to tailor future group messages better.

Cost Savings

Group messaging services allow you to send bulk texts for less money per text than a traditional texting plan. This is especially true because many services offer volume discounts, customized pricing, and price-match guarantees.

Group texting also leverages the inherent benefits of texting, including a faster read rate, increased engagement rate, and better response rates versus emails and voicemails. Texting is the best way for businesses to reach customers and other users.

Benefits of Sending Group Text Messages to Segmented Groups

The most effective communication campaigns send group texts to segmented users. These texts are tailored to each segmented group so users can derive as much value from the content as possible.

Imbuing your group message with value is key to forming long-term, sustainable, and profitable relationships with users. The issue is that value is subjective; content one user may appreciate might be useless to a different user. To mitigate this issue, businesses can split users into segmented groups according to their needs.

This allows businesses to cater to each group’s needs without alienating or annoying other groups. For example, consider a district school board. This board deals with local school administrators, parents of elementary-age children, and city employees. These are three distinct groups with very different communication needs. Information that is important for parents to know may not be relevant to city employees or vice versa.

Business group text messaging is valid for (as the name implies) every type of business, including those in the educational, religious, political, profit, and non-profit sectors. Examples of potential group messages for each of the different sectors could be as follows:

1. Schools – “Weather alert: flash flood warning issued for Chesapeake and Norfolk, effective 3:00 PM EST today; after-school activities are postponed for the remainder of the week.”

2. Churches – “Worship is going virtual! Join us for our first-ever tele-worship event this Sunday at 1:00 PM, following our regularly scheduled in-person gathering at 9:00 AM.”

3. Political Organizations – “Your Vote Matters! Studies show that younger voters are less likely to hear their voices at the polls. Don’t be a statistic! Register to vote today.”

4. Retailers – “Savings trend: Beat the heat and save up to 50% on summer items like beach towels and coolers when you buy during December and January.”

5. Non-profits – “We’re thankful for your support! This Thanksgiving, consider donating your gently-used coats and other outerwear to the women’s shelter. Find the nearest donation station by clicking here:”

Of course, the list certainly isn’t exhaustive and only covers five potential business case uses for group messaging. More sectors greatly benefit from group text messages, including hospitals, medical organizations, banks, other financial institutions, restaurants, grocery chains, and more. Group messaging is an effective communication tool regardless of business size, socioeconomic status, geographic location, or target audience.

Group Text Messaging Service FAQ’s

Get all of your group messaging questions answered here.

When did group text messaging start?

Group text messaging first became popular in the early 2000s when mobile phones began to support the ability to send and receive text messages. Group text messaging allows users to send a single message to a group of people, making it a convenient way to stay in touch with friends and family. Today, many different group text messaging services are available, making it easy to find one that fits your needs.

What is group text messaging?

Group text messaging is a service that allows users to send group texts. Group texts can be sent to multiple people at once and can be used to keep everyone informed about important information or updates. Group text messaging can be a valuable tool for businesses, families, and other groups who need to stay in touch.

Products for a range of use cases


Texting API designed to send & receive SMS & MMS globally using a short code or 10DLC number.

SMS Software

Easy to use SMS software that can send & receive SMS & MMS using a short code or 10DLC number.

Voice Broadcast

Powerful voice API that sends mass automated phone calls quickly to mobile & landline devices.

Phone Verification

Verify mobile & landline numbers, find service providers, & define time zones to restrict calling.

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