Easily route mass calls in the right direction based on your customer’s needs while reducing operating costs with our robust IVR phone system.

What Is Interactive Voice Response System (IVR)?

Interactive voice response (IVR) allows people calling into a phone number to interact with a telephony system by pressing numbers that transmit DTMF tones. IVR systems also say words and execute responses based on what numbers the caller presses. Overall, IVRs are everyday phone menus we use every day when calling companies and organizations.

IVR Phone System Features

Build a scalable telephone IVR system into your website, mobile or desktop application, software, and platform with our affordable IVR phone API. Esendex’s voice IVR comes with powerful features that will enhance your audience’s experience to its fullest potential.


Transform your text messages into voice messages in multiple voices and languages to send to your customers.

Informational Help

Provide your customers with detailed information about your business, company hours, and more.

Self Service

With an IVRS system, incoming callers can get the help they need without speaking to your staff.

Number I.D

Allow your customers to identify whom you are when calling into your IVRS phone system with a number I.D.


Don’t let language be a barrier! Our IVR API comes in multiple languages to assist your customers so they understand.

Caller Assistance

Our IVR telephony service enables you to filter mass calls seamlessly without running into any issues.

Data & Analytics

Send detailed reports of voice calls back to your database or PostBack URL or analyzing, as well as optimization.

Workflow Automation

Create dynamic, automatic workflows that effectively route customers to the correct department in your business.

Post Pay Billing

Get our interactive voice response IVR system at an affordable pay-per-transaction rate. Explore our pricing.

Why IVR Phone System Services?

We’re an IVR API company that genuinely cares about the success of your business.

Scalable IVR Features

Our IVR API features enable businesses small and large to scale their inbound calls like never before.

Programmable IVR API

Unlike other IVR APIs, Esendex’s can easily integrate into your company and create custom experiences customers will enjoy.

Effective IVRS Call System

Our IVR call service provides fast, efficient, and secure inbound calling routes with all the bells and whistles you need to engage users every time.

Complete IVR Phone System

Whether you’re redirecting calls to the correct department or capturing important inbound caller information to optimize your companies’ workflows – We have everything you need to deliver the best experience to your users.

  • Tier 1 IVR API Network
  • 99.99% Guaranteed Uptime SLA
  • 190+ Accessible Countries

Simple IVR API Documentation

Our IVR API documentation is easy to understand and implement into all of your applications. You can easily connect to our telephony IVR API using any programming language.

Create Your Apps Faster
  • Free Technical Customer Support
  • Uncomplicated API References
  • Code in Multiple Programming Languages

When to Use Interactive Voice Response

The primary use case for IVR systems is for companies that would like to automate their inbound and outbound calls by routing them to the correct department and agent. Besides that, there is no actual other use for this type of software.

IVR Systems are Perfect for:
  • Automating Customer Support
  • Collecting Customer Information
  • Customizing Caller Experience

You can use IVR phone systems in so many ways to communicate with your customers and staff effectively. Here are a few ideas you could implement into your business to increase sales, improve customer engagement, and lead generation.

Customer Surveys

Get immediate feedback from customers to improve your products and services.

Fraud Alerts

Quickly notify customers of fraudulent activity on their account.

Appointment Reminders

Ask your customers for information like phone numbers to confirm appointments.

Customer Service

Improve customer experiences by directing calls to the correct department.

Lead Routing

Improve your sales operations and lead conversions by optimizing your workflows.

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IVR Phone System Benefits

There are many great benefits to our interactive voice response API.

Automate Customer Support

Simplify incoming calls for customer support, & save time & money by allowing our interactive voice response API to route callers to the correct department/agent automatically, rather than manually.

Handle Large Call Volumes

Whether your company is large or small, our phone IVR API can handle large volumes of incoming callers—unlike other IVR phone systems. You can trust Esendex’s IVR to always take care of business for you.

Gather Customer Information

Rather than allowing customer support to waste precious time asking the customer questions, use the Esendex’s API interactive voice response feature to collect their data before speaking with a representative.

Boost Company Image

Presenting your business as a professional establishment is always important whenever you’re dealing with customers or prospects. Take advantage of our IVR system & connect differently with your audience.

More IVR Phone System Benefits

Automates & Customizes the Customer Support Experience

Capable of Handling Large Amounts of Call Volume

Routes Customers to the Right Department/Representative

Use Unique Pre-Recorded IVR Messages Customers will Hear

Boosts the Companies Professional Image/Brand

Gathers Important Information About Incoming Callers

Components of an IVR System

An IVR system contains telephony equipment, multiple software applications, a referential database, and any supporting infrastructure.

Telephony Equipment

Telephony is a phone technology that can electronically transmit voice and other information between two parties in distant locations using a telephone/mobile device that carries a speaker/transmitter and a receiver.

Referential Database

Referential databases are databases that follow a relational concept that says each table in the database must have relationships that are always consistent. Overall, this means that foreign key fields must agree with the primary keys referenced by the initial foreign key.

Supporting Infrastructure

Regarding IVR systems, supporting infrastructure is a collection of hardware, networks, data centers, software, and facilities used to develop, test, and monitor the IVR system technology.

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What is an IVR phone system?

An Interactive voice response (IVR phone system) allows callers to interact with a telephony system by pressing numbers that transmit DTMF tones. They also say words and execute responses based on what numbers you press. Overall, IVR systems are common phone menus we use every day.

How long does It take to implement IVR phone system?

With Phone Notify! API, it’s as simple as registering for the product, speaking with one of our helpful representatives and receiving your license key to connect. If you need a phone number for your API just let one of our representatives know and they’ll help you. This process should take as little as 1–2 hours.

How much do IVR phone systems cost?

See our voice API’s pricing page for pricing information.

What is the use of an IVR phone system?

An IVR phone system is used to transfer incoming calls to their correct destination. For example, if a caller wanted to speak to sales, they could press a number on their dial-pad to be transferred to that department.

How does an IVR phone system work?

An IVR phone system works by routing incoming callers to the correct department, person, or answering machine by the caller tapping on a specific number on their dial pad.

What is a IVR phone system menu?

An IVR phone system menu is a unique set of numbers associated with a caller’s dial pad that sends them to a specific area inside the IVR application. It could be a specific department or person in the company.

How do you set up your IVR phone system?

You can set up the IVR phone system by different programming numbers on an incoming callers dial pad with a specific function. This function could be routing a caller to a department or person.

What are the benefits of an IVR phone system?

IVR phone systems have many benefits, such as automating customer support, handling large call volumes, gathering valuable customer information, and much more.

What is an IVR phone systems role in customer experience?

An IVR phone system can play many roles in a customer’s experience when calling a company. These roles could be gathering information before speaking to a representative and connecting a caller to a specific department. All of these can save your business time and money!

Products for a range of use cases


Texting API designed to send & receive SMS & MMS globally using a short code or 10DLC number.

SMS Software

Easy to use SMS software that can send & receive SMS & MMS using a short code or 10DLC number.

Voice Broadcast

Powerful voice API that sends mass automated phone calls quickly to mobile & landline devices.

Phone Verification

Verify mobile & landline numbers, find service providers, & define time zones to restrict calling.

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