20 Examples of Advertisement Text for Marketing Campaigns

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Text message advertising is vast. While emails may sit unopened for hours or days, SMS messages differ. Nine out of 10 texts that are sent out are read in under three minutes. With that in mind, it should be no surprise that SMS advertising is today’s most effective form of marketing for businesses.

Since people nearly always open their texts, putting out the right campaign via SMS can bring considerable success to your business. However, you might be wondering what your campaign should look like. This article will give an example of advertisement text that has worked for other companies.

Below you’ll see a sample of advertisement text from several big businesses. Use these to jumpstart your imagination and create your SMS campaign that works!

20 Google Text Ad Examples

1. Sherwin Williams

Sherwin William’s example of advertisement text is used for binding offers. An example might be “25% of all paints, offer ends on September 13th.” This brand also uses text messages to promote services to customers. As a Fortune 500 company, they’re doing something right with text ads and beyond.

2. Lowe’s

Most of the text ads from Lowe’s center around specific offers and how to purchase the services or items. However, there are other ways Lowe’s uses text to increase business. You’ll also often see hyperlinks in their texts that go to a social media page or a weekly ad where you find time-sensitive offers.

3. Papa Murphy’s

Papa Murphy’s text link ads example often provides subscribers with an offer only available for a certain amount of time. It also tends to include an expiration date. This brand does exceptionally well at letting customers know about various purchasing options, such as call ahead, online ordering, and delivery.

4. Auto Zone

Another example of advertisement text that works comes from Auto Zone. They offer significant initiatives to their subscribers. One cool thing that sets their marketing strategy apart is that the offers are often targeted to a particular store or a specific set of stores in one particular city.

5. Home Depot

At Home Depot, the texts often relay information about discounts and items. Their advert text example is based on the high open rate for SMS and lets customers know about essential things. For instance, they might text when the hours of operations change or the store is going to be closed.

6. Edible Arrangements

At Edible Arrangements, promotional text messages are often based on seasonal offerings. Customers can click and get the offer right from the phone. In addition, their advert text example could offer information on delivery options, such as “We’re offering free delivery on orders placed before 2 pm.”

A bunch of fruit gathered together on a white table  inside of a text message advertisement bubble

7. Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box provides an excellent example of advertising text to morph and use for your business. This is another situation where the offers are specific, such as “Get 20% off your next order.” Like many fast food joints, they also add a photo of delicious food to get more people to take an order.

8. Macy’s

Macy’s offers two Google search text ad examples to emulate. Like many stores we’ve discussed, time-sensitive discounts are a common choice for texts. However, they also offer special offers for different departments in the store. These messages are to the point, short, and always include a hyperlink.

9. Bed Bath & Beyond

When Bed Bath & Beyond text its customers, they include promotional messages that get customers to use specific coupons in the online store. They also use text to notify customers of pertinent updates, such as “Curbside pickup currently available in IL” or “Some stores have temporarily modified hours.”

10. Pep Boys

Another example of advertisement text is through Pep Boys, which is an American automotive retail and service chain. They also update about new offerings like mobile payment options. This is another case where the focus is on getting customers to make online orders. A text might read, “Order online in the next 12 hours for a 20% discount.”

11. Dollar General

At Dollar General, the focus is on promotional messages with a clear call to action. It uses a robust SMS channel for its marketing to promote seasonal offers, clearance events, marketing campaigns, and links to the weekly ad. Texts also go out when they are hiring. One might read, “Click here to download our new app.”

12. Festival Foods

The texts that come from Festival Foods can vary based on current needs. One might read, “These are our new hours of operation,” while another could say, “$2.99 for Carl’s chicken cutlets.” Creativity is a big part of the texts. Some will have appetizing photos, while others might have a list of savings.

13. Lord & Taylor

When it comes to Lord and Taylor, the texts all have a similar format. These will typically give customers a certain percentage off of sales. One of the most familiar texts is offering 40% when spending at least $200. It might be good for anything in the store or only items from a specific brand. A link is always included.

14. Bloomingdale’s

Bloomingdale takes the opposite tactic by sending out SMS messages for all promos. In many cases, these will have one specific offer and information about where to buy. On other occasions, offers might be for a clearance sale or an offer in a specific department. Item restrictions are uncommon for this brand.

15. Olive Garden

This brand has a broad SMS marketing strategy that covers much ground. It might promote to-go dining, limited edition dishes, and unique entrees. While Oliver Garden offers specific offers, such as holiday offers, they also provide information on online ordering or pickup at the restaurant.

16. Chili’s

Chili sends SMS messages about meal deals for only $10. This brand often uses texts to promote its to-go services. They also add tantalizing photos to convince customers to make an order. You’ll also see exclusive deals for specific regions to increase sales.

17. Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics, founded by Kylie Jenner, uses text marketing for detailed offers like “$10 off your full order.” They also emphasize when to take advantage of the offer by including something like “TODAY.” Their marketing also gives information to customers about their orders.

18. Old Navy

When Old Navy sends out texts, they get into the specifics of an offer. The texts have a conversational tone, like a text you might get from a friend. This company knows how to use SMS broadcast marketing, often including a CTA and several links to convince customers to buy.

19. Papa John’s

Papa John’s often focuses on items such as “large two-topping pizzas” or “two medium pizzas.” They also send promotional texts for holiday items, such as Valentine’s Day, when a heart-shaped pizza is available. Delicious photos are always included, and each text has a promo code attached.

20. New York & Co

This brand sends out various offers for sales and includes items such as “$10 tops and dresses.” A logo is provided with the link to clarify which company is sending the texts. This is one good example of a women’s clothing retailer’s take on text ads.

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