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Call Blasting for Business

Depending on the needs of your business, you may value different traits in marketing and communication tools. Some businesses value reach, while others prioritize speed; scalability and features are two other components that are often focused on; personalization is less valued but still a necessity for some. More than likely, your business wants a combination of these traits.

Phone blasting combines reach, speed, scalability, and features, while also being flexible enough as a medium to offer professionalism or personalization as needed. With a phone blasting service, your business gains a powerful tool that allows you to connect simultaneously with tens of thousands (or more) of users. If this tool could be helpful for your business, keep reading. In the following sections, we’ll cover what phone blasting is, how it works, and how to use it.

Growing Your Business with Voice Message Broadcasting

Phone blasts refer to using an API or software to simultaneously send out mass calls to large numbers of customers. Typically, this is an automated process; that is, it is automatically triggered by the API or software versus an actual person placing the calls. However, phone blasts are distinct from robocalls in that users must give prior consent to receive calls from your business and can revoke that consent at any time.

Did You Know? Phone blasting may be known by several other terms, including call blastingvoice broadcastingmessage broadcastingmass calling, and bulk calling. All terms refer to the same communication activity – sending hundreds (or thousands) of calls simultaneously.

Though SMS bulk messaging is arguably the most popular marketing and communication medium, phone blasting offers specific benefits that make it distinctly useful for some businesses. These benefits include:

  • Facilitating longer and more detailed messages, since calling is not limited to a character count like texts often are.
  • Lending an air of professionalism or personalization to the business, depending on specific verbiage.
  • Fostering deeper connections with communities by translating messages into different languages or using specific voice actor accents.
  • Being more suitable to industries that deal with sensitive information, such as the medical and financial sectors.

Combined with the benefits that nearly all communication channels come with, such as use case flexibility, phone blasting becomes a powerful medium that can give businesses a competitive edge.

What are Call Blasting and Message Broadcasting?

Call blaster campaigns are ideal for businesses that utilize calling in any way, shape, or form. Traditional calling methods can require extensive time (if only one or two employees are making the calls) or resources (if multiple employees are making the calls). Automated phone calls instantly resolve these issues while providing businesses with expansion and improvement opportunities.

As a result, this communication method is helpful for businesses of all sizes, including large corporations and small businesses. The benefits translate equally, regardless of size, socioeconomic status, industry, or sector. Voice calling has been successfully used across marketing, education, political, medical, financial, hospitality, and food industries.

Besides being used to contact customers or other audiences, call blasting also presents a valuable opportunity for internal company communication. For example, owners who need to send a message to their employees quickly can send out a phone blast, letting them know of an upcoming meeting, unexpected office closure, or new holiday observance schedule.

Phone Blast Features

When you combine our online phone blast API with these awesome features, anything is possible! Our phone blast service delivers the tools you need to boost company sales, revenue, customer engagement, and stay connected with your customers.

Interactive Voice Response

Build manageable call flows that deliver incoming calls to the correct department and representative without issue.

Answering Machine Detection

Our voice broadcaster can determine if a human, fax, or answering machine picks up outgoing calls from your business.


Transform your text messages into an automated voice call in multiple voices and languages to send to customers.

Press 1 Voice Campaign

Enable callers to enter numbers on their devices that either collect information or route calls to different departments.

Outbound Conference API

Our voice message broadcaster connects calls to a conference & communicates with multiple people at once.

Multichannel Communication

Our automated voice broadcasting service can send mass phone calls & bulk SMS to your entire contact list.

Real-Time Reports

Our phone broadcasting API provides detailed reports of calls back to your database for analysis, optimization, & call tracking.

Mobile & Landline Calls

Easily broadcast voice messages directly to customers using mobile and digital landline devices to reach everyone.

Call Quality Monitoring

Gauge mass call conversations between customers and staff to improve customer service and other business systems.

Steps to Set Up Voice Broadcast

If your business is interested in automated phone calls, you should be satisfied to learn that setting up voice broadcasting is a relatively quick and easy process. This remains true whether your business chooses an API or a website, or an application.

The advantage of an API over a website or application is that you can customize the software, ensuring it meets all of your business needs. This also means an API can grow with your business versus an application with limited scalability. Once you have the actual software or application set up, follow the steps below:

  1. Upload your contact lists. These contact lists should be scrubbed before uploading to remove any incorrect or invalid numbers from the lists. We recommend segmenting the lists according to target audiences for more tailored campaigns.
  2. Craft your message. Your business can either upload a pre-recorded voice message or upload a script. If you choose the latter, the text-to-speech feature will transform the script into an audio file in the language or accent of your choosing.
  3. Schedule your campaign. Once you decide whom you want the call blast campaign to go to and what it should say, you’ll need to choose when it is sent. This can be done immediately, or you can schedule it for a future date and time.
  4. Analyze your campaigns. Analytics features like call tracking and real-time reports will help you analyze your campaigns to gauge performance. This will reveal opportunities for improvements so that you can make your campaigns progressively more effective.

There should be detailed documentation and tutorials available to help you with this process so that you can quickly learn the interface and begin sending voice broadcast campaigns. If you still have questions, contact your provider’s customer service, who should be able to answer any remaining questions and perform minor troubleshooting.

One-Minute Explanation: Voice Broadcasting

For businesses who want a forty-second snapshot of automated call blasting and what it looks like, we have recorded a YouTube video discussing one of the many voice broadcasting services available. The video briefly goes over voice calls, how it works, and how your businesses can get started with such a service.

Automated calling systems, such as the example discussed in the linked video above, streamline the phone calling process by allowing calls to be placed concurrently instead of consecutively (i.e., the calls are placed simultaneously instead of one after the other). This saves time and resources, which in turn saves businesses money.

For even more cost-effective communication campaigns, businesses can use their voice broadcasting service with other services. For example, a phone verification API can ensure all the numbers in a company’s contact list are legitimate and still in use, ensuring businesses don’t waste time calling invalid numbers. Similarly, voicemail drop software can offer businesses a reliable backup for customers who prefer not to answer live calls, ensuring that all users are still contacted.

Why Choose Our Phone Blast Services?

We strive to be the best phone blast service in the industry. Our trusted mass phone blast service provides quality performance to drive your communication strategy. From integration to your first voice campaign, we make the entire process uncomplicated.

1. World Class Support

Most mass phone blast services don’t have active online support channels customers can speak to when they need it the most, and we understand. That’s why we have 24/7, around the clock emergency support for our mass phone blasting.

  • Fast Response Times
  • Fast Troubleshooting
  • Chat, Email, & Phone Support

2. Global Phone Blast Service

Our phone blast service enables you to leverage your business communication globally without any interruptions. Don’t worry about the distance! Get connectivity in more than 190 countries.

  • Tier 1 Voice Network
  • 99.9% Guaranteed Uptime

3. Government Level Security

Our mass phone blast service is 256 Bit Encrypted (typically only reserved for governments and militaries), SOC2 Type 2 Certified, HITRUST Certified. Hardware-based voice servers are strategically located throughout the US-owned and operated by Esendex.

  • 256 Bit Encrypted
  • HITRUST Certified
  • SOC2 Certified

The Esendex Difference

Since the early 2000s, Esendex has been one of the industry’s most trusted mass phone blast provider.

The truth is we do things differently. Our vision is to shape your connections to the world through reliable, usable, and adaptable Communication and Data APIs.

24/7 Support – Lowest Pricing Multiple – Service Channels

What Our Customers Have to Say

We’ve been rated 5 out 5 stars on Capterra, GetApp, Google and Facebook – based on 40+ reviews.

Phone blast is a great way to reach a large audience with your message. However, there are a few fundamental rules that businesses need to follow to ensure that their phone blast are effective:

Keep it short and sweet

The average person’s attention span is limited, so it’s essential to keep your phone blast concise and to the point.

Audio quality

No one wants to listen to a fuzzy or crackling message, so make sure that the audio quality of your phone blast is top-notch.

Use a professional voice

Your phone blast message should be delivered professionally and straightforwardly. Avoid using slang or jargon that could confuse your listeners.

Include a call to action

Make sure your phone blast message includes a call to action, such as telling your listeners to visit your website or giving them a phone number to call. By including a call to action, you’ll better gauge the effectiveness of your phone blast message.

Esendex’s Phone Notify! API is a reliable, robust voice broadcasting service that allows businesses to quickly and easily integrate phone blasts into their current marketing and communication strategies.

With our API, you can send and receive up to 12,000 calls per minute across more than 190 accessible countries. API integration requires minimal programming so that you can start sending phone blasts within one business day. Here are just a few of the other benefits that come with Esendex’s Phone Notify! API:

  1. Competitive Pricing – We offer competitive pricing structures backed by price-match guarantees. Your business can save even more through bulk discounts and custom quotas. And because we value transparency, there will never be surprises or hidden fees.
  2. Extensive Features – Our API comes with a wide array of features to boost your broadcasting even further, including (but not limited to) interactive voice response, text-to-speech, multichannel communication, and real-time reporting and analytics.
  3. Constant Support – Emergencies don’t wait for business hours, nor do we; Esendex offers 24/7 emergency support so that you always have experts available to troubleshoot and find a solution for any issues.
  4. Customer Satisfaction – Our claims are backed by satisfied customers, who have rated us 5 out of 5 stars for more than 40 reviews across platforms like Google, Facebook, Capterra, and GetApp.

If you are interested in learning more, speak to sales for technical capabilities, available features, pricing models, and more. They can answer commonly asked questions about the integration process, how to get started, and everyday use cases.

For a more in-depth meeting and a demo, make an appointment. During this appointment, our team can review the API in greater detail and show its abilities to the fullest extent. Your business can also request to see specific features in action to understand better how the API will perform in real-time.

Products for a range of use cases


Texting API designed to send & receive SMS & MMS globally using a short code or 10DLC number.

SMS Software

Easy to use SMS software that can send & receive SMS & MMS using a short code or 10DLC number.

Voice Broadcast

Powerful voice API that sends mass automated phone calls quickly to mobile & landline devices.

Phone Verification

Verify mobile & landline numbers, find service providers, & define time zones to restrict calling.

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