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Esendex’s Bulk Voicemail Blasting Service is Trusted by Some of The Biggest Brands in The World!

How to Grow Your Business With Voice Blast

There are many ways to connect with customers, including calls, emails, and text messages. For businesses that prefer voice calling and voicemail drops, voice blasts and IVR blasts are ideal. This software is flexible, powerful, and easy to use, perfect for new and experienced businesses. Keep reading to learn more about voice-blasting APIs, IVR features, and how both can help you grow your business.

How Can Voice Blasting Improve My Business?

Voice blasts involve sending mass calls to customers using software or API, allowing businesses to connect with thousands of customers each second. This involves sending out a pre-recorded message versus having an employee make each call in real-time.

If customers respond to the message and call back, businesses can use an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to route calls to the customer’s needs quickly. Each routing path is dictated by a customer pressing a corresponding number or stating a specific word or phrase. Because these systems are closely linked, voice blasting may also be called IVR or call blasting.

However, remember that IVR is one of many optional features that can make voice blasting more effective. With voice blast software or API, the IVR blaster has more functionality.

Benefits of Voice Blasting

Voice blasting services have become invaluable tools for businesses in the USA, offering them an effective way to reach customers through communication and marketing messages. Such voice blast services enable users to create voice message campaigns quickly and easily, allowing businesses to broadcast voice messages across multiple devices with a single call.

In addition, voice blast services can customize outgoing phone numbers and provide automated tracking of campaign performance metrics such as delivery rate and total calls made. This gives businesses valuable insights to inform budgeting decisions, marketing strategy changes, or other critical business decisions. Altogether, voice blast services offer a reliable and cost-effective method for businesses in the USA to reach their customers effectively.

Powerful Voicemail Blast Service Features

Anything is possible when you combine our voice blast software and API with these fantastic features! Our voice blast solution delivers the tools you need to boost company sales, revenue, and engagement and stay connected with your customers.

Interactive Voice Response

Build manageable call flows that deliver incoming calls to the correct department and representative without issue.

Answering Machine Detection

Our voice broadcaster can determine if a human, fax, or answering machine picks up outgoing calls from your business.


Transform your text messages into an automated voice call in multiple voices and languages to send to customers.

Press 1 Voice Campaign

Enable callers to enter numbers on their devices that either collect information or route calls to different departments.

Outbound Conference API

Our voice message broadcaster connects calls to a conference & communicates with multiple people at once.

Multichannel Communication

Our automated voice broadcasting service can send mass phone calls & bulk SMS to your entire contact list.

Real-Time Reports

Our phone broadcasting API provides detailed reports of calls back to your database for analysis, optimization, & call tracking.

Mobile & Landline Calls

Easily broadcast voice messages directly to customers using mobile and digital landline devices to reach everyone.

Call Quality Monitoring

Gauge mass call conversations between customers and staff to improve customer service and other business systems.

How Much Does Bulk SMS Cost?

Figuring out voice blast pricing can often be confusing, with an ever-fluctuating range of cost points depending on the project size. Companies offering voice blast services usually work on a pay-per-use model, where businesses are billed according to the volume of voice blasts they need monthly. In addition, voice blast pricing might also vary due to the features needed for each voice broadcast, such as customization, immediate delivery, and access to analytic results.

Ultimately, voice blasting offers an excellent way for businesses to reach their customers quickly and effectively, informing them about relevant news or upcoming promotions or events. It’s worth exploring your options regarding voice blast pricing and discovering what’s affordable while giving you the best bang for your buck!

Start Voice Blasting In Minutes

Contact customers individually with our voice blast service. If you have many people (for example, your entire contact list), our programmable voice API or software can handle it!

Why Use Our Voice Blast Service?

We strive to be the best voice blast messaging service in the industry. Our trusted voice blasting service provides quality performance to drive your communication strategy. From integration to your first SMS campaign, we make the entire process uncomplicated.

1. World Class Support

Most business voice blast services don’t have active online support channels customers can speak to when they need it the most, and we understand. That’s why we have 24/7, around the clock emergency support for our voice blasting service.

  • Fast Response Times
  • Fast Troubleshooting
  • Chat, Email, & Phone Support

2. Global Group Messaging

Our voicemail blasting service enables you to leverage your business communication globally without any interruptions. Don’t worry about the distance! Get connectivity in more than 190 countries.

  • Tier 1 Voice Network
  • 99.9% Guaranteed Uptime

3. Government Level Security

Our programmable voice blast API software is 256 Bit Encrypted (typically only reserved for governments and militaries), SOC2 Type 2 Certified, HITRUST Certified. Hardware-based SMS servers are strategically located throughout the US-owned and operated by Esendex.

  • 256 Bit Encrypted
  • HITRUST Certified
  • SOC2 Certified

The Esendex Difference

Since the early 2000s, Esendex has been one of the industry’s most trusted voice blast providers.

The truth is we do things differently. Our vision is to shape your connections to the world through reliable, usable, and adaptable Communication and Data APIs.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

We’ve been rated 5 out 5 stars on Capterra, GetApp, Google and Facebook – based on 40+ reviews. We’re a Twilio competitor you can trust to provide you with the best bulk texting services.

Getting started with voicemail blasting is simple enough that any company can integrate it into its marketing and communication campaigns, even without extensive experience with software or APIs.

Most software or APIs are easy enough to set up that your businesses can begin sending out campaigns within the same day. Remember that every service provider has a slightly different product, so the specifics of each software or API will differ.

However, the general process remains the same. We’ve outlined the steps in this process below so that your business can become familiar with the following:

Set Your Goals

Before investing in voice blast software, your business must carefully consider what you want to get out of it. Do you want to expand your user base? Improve your response and engagement rates. Improve brand recognition?

Review Your Contact Lists

Once you decide on software, you must upload your contact lists. Before doing this, review and scrub your contact lists to remove any phone numbers that are inactive or incorrect.

Upload and Segment Contacts

Upload your newly-scrubbed contact lists and segment them into targeted audiences. Consider which audiences would respond best to specific campaigns and for what reasons. Your driving focus should always be effectiveness.

Record Campaign Messages

Depending on the needs of your business and how you prefer to connect with customers, you can create one-time messages or reusable voice templates. Both have advantages, so creating a few of them may be wise.

Schedule Campaigns

Once your custom or templated voice blast is ready, you can send it out immediately or automatically schedule it to send at a future date and time. This should depend on your segmented audience and what works best for them.

Use Available Resources

If your business has questions or concerns during this process, do not hesitate to contact your provider and use available resources. These should include documentation, tutorials, and customer service.

Each of these steps has opportunities to further the goals of either your business or the goals of a specific marketing and communication campaign. Ideally, these goals should align and support each other.

After you set up your voice broadcast API or software and start sending out campaigns, there is another step your business should take: analyzing each campaign’s performance. To gauge how well your campaigns support your goals in Step 1, utilize features like real-time reporting to see listen/ open rates, response and engagement rates, and similar information.

Based on these reports and any feedback you gain directly from customers, you can tweak future campaigns to make them more closely support your goals and perform more effectively. This might include adjusting the campaign message, targeted audiences, send times and dates, or a combination of these factors.

Voice broadcasting is an effective medium, but only if businesses use it to its fullest extent. This means taking advantage of available features to optimize resources and savings and carefully adjusting your campaigns to make them as effective as possible.

To make it even more effective, here are some tips for your voice broadcasting campaigns:

  • Use Multi-Lingual Capabilities Many voice blast and IVR blast software offer translation and multi-lingual capabilities so that you can connect with customers regardless of what language anyone speaks.
  • Leverage Full Voice Blast Uses Voice blasting and IVR software can be used for various purposes, including marketing, customer surveys, appointment reminders, lead routing, fraud alerts, and more; businesses should take advantage of this flexibility.
  • Integrate Multiple Software/ APIs For services that offer multiple software and API options. Your business can integrate them for more effective communication across all channels; common APIs include SMS, verification, and email services.
  • Ensure Compliance Use features like call quality monitoring, call recording, and call and control to ensure your business complies with all federal regulations and industry best practices, avoiding fines or other penalties.

For more tips on making your voice broadcasting as effective as possible, consult your chosen and potential service providers for recommendations.

Choosing the Best Voicemail Blast Service

Many voice blast services are available, some only specialize in voice blasting, and some offer various communication and marketing services. The latter can allow your company to integrate multiple services and utilize the collective benefits. However, both types can still be serious contenders.

Below are some tips on how to choose the best blast service providers:

  1. Research, Research, Research Choosing the best voicemail blast service starts and ends with research; look at the available voice blast services and compare their pricing, software or APIs, customer service, etc.; compare the pros and cons for each.
  2. Analyze Features Features can make or break your business’s communication and marketing experience; carefully review available features and see how they could benefit your business, currently or in the future.
  3. View Demos To understand how the software or API will work in real-time, ask each service provider to view a demo of it in action; it would also benefit your business if you could take advantage of a free trial or free trial credits.
  4. Read Reviews Many service providers make claims as to their software or API’s capabilities, but customer reviews reveal how well the software or API works and whether these claims are substantiated (and to what extent)

The best service providers will have a record of excellence, as indicated by positive customer reviews and how the software or API performs during demos and free trials. There should be ample evidence that customers are pleased with the software or API regarding functionality, scalability, and support.

Products for a range of use cases


Texting API designed to send & receive SMS & MMS globally using a short code or 10DLC number.

SMS Software

Easy to use SMS software that can send & receive SMS & MMS using a short code or 10DLC number.

Voice Broadcast

Powerful voice API that sends mass automated phone calls quickly to mobile & landline devices.

Phone Verification

Verify mobile & landline numbers, find service providers, & define time zones to restrict calling.

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